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We come from the U.S. and we are friends. Every day we are computer graphics. Our hobby is to create cheats, they once played a lot because we know how much they help. Our cheats are totally free and very easy to use. We are committed to the simple principle of “cheats from gamers for gamers”.We are open to suggestions players on the cheats.


Battle Run Cheat

Battle Run Cheat adds coins and diamonds. The program works on a game for android and iOS (iPhone iPad iPod). It is very simple to use (instruction and downloads below). To use Battle Run Cheat  Then you must not be given a login and password. As a result, your account is 100% secure. If you have any questions regarding cheat send us a message or go to live chat.

Battle Run Cheat Features:

  • 34 Adds Coins
  • 34 Adds Diamonds
  • 34 Unlock All Area
  • 34 Safe
  • 34 Free

Battle Run Cheat


  1. 1.Run Battle Run Cheat
  2. 2.Select the device and connect to the program
  3. 3.Select options (max 999.999.999)
  4. 4.Press Start
  5. 5.Wait a moment
  6. 6.Run Game
  7. 7.Exit Battle Run Cheat

How to download ?

  1. 1.Press Download
  2. 2.Choose one survey and complete it to unlock the file.
  3. 3.Now you can download file. Why survey ,it’s below.

Why survey?

Free sites like Mediafire delete our files beacause our hacking software break their rules. So we need to upload files to premium services. There is no point in using Mediafire if files will be deleted so fast anyway.





Does this Cheat work?

345 Votes for Yes6 For NO


Does cheat have viruses?

You can check this by clicking on the image.


What if the cheat doesn’t work?

It’s very simple, press the “UPDATE”. It will take about 30 seconds. We make future updates every two weeks to prevent account blocked.


If you have any problems or want to ask you something. Send a private message. We answer all four questions, takes about 10 minutes-2 hours. If you have a suggestion for a new cheat, write it as well.


If you’re happy with cheat write about it in the comments here or on facebook. I would be happy for like. Everyone likes and comments incentive to create new and better cheat.

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